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Getting Started

  • The deadline to submit routine/influenza and special vaccine orders is by 4:00 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to your scheduled delivery day.
  • The deadline to submit COVID Vaccine orders is by 4:00pm on Friday to receive vaccine the following Thursday.

Please note:
  • COVID vaccine orders will be processed as they are received.
  • Planned weekly deliveries by courier are on Thursdays pending courier space availability and adequate processing time for the order.
  • Temperature logs must be submitted at the time of this order.

You must confirm that:
  • the fridge(s) storing publicly-funded vaccines meet Ministry of Health Vaccine Storage and Handling Guidelines,
  • the fridges(s) storing publicly-funded vaccines maintain cold chain temperatures (between +2.0°C and +8.0°C),
  • the temperatures of the fridge(s) storing publicly-funded vaccines have been checked and recorded twice daily (maximum, minimum and current temperatures) and are documented to the tenth decimal place,
  • documentation is complete including date, time, initials, name of premises, and days off are clearly marked as “closed”,
  • the current, minimum, and maximum temperatures are documented in the correct places,
  • the temperature monitoring device is being cleared each time that temperatures are documented, and
  • you understand that you may be required to provide accurate temperature logs upon request and that temperature logs must be kept on-site for a minimum of one year.

Note: Temperature logs must include one full month of documented temperatures leading up to the order date.

Please note:
  • Find more vaccine related information including the full delivery schedule here: Vaccine Information for Physicians
  • As of November 2, 2020, all vaccine orders will be delivered directly to providers. Courier deliveries will include any orders submitted for routine, influenza, and special/high-risk vaccines by the order deadline.
  • Vaccine order pick-up from Joseph Brant Hospital, Georgetown Hospital, and Milton District Hospital is no longer available.
  • Orders may be adjusted based on the availability of vaccine product(s).
  • Maintain no more than a two weeks' supply in your vaccine fridge at any time.
  • Refer to the current Publicly Funded Immunization Schedule for Ontario for eligibility criteria. Call 311 for questions about vaccine eligibility.